Jeremay and Mayka: Neck deep in Filipina Pussy!

Jeremay and Mayka hiding Filipina pussy under towels

I love to tell my buddies back in my hometown how great this place is. They get a good laugh out of my exaggerated observations like “You’ll be neck deep in Filipina pussy here, man!” Which is very true to some extent. There’s a copious amount of females to acquire for companionship. Although, I have never literally been “neck deep” in the pussy before. I came very close to it though while patronizing VIP backrooms in any number of bars on the Fields Avenue Strip in Angeles City and with a few girls sporting very delicious Filipina pussy holes that I’ve fucked for Trike Patrol.

In this episode with Jeremay and Mayka, there’s another prime example of how I almost became physically neck-deep in Filipina pussy. Well, as close to it as possible anyways. I noticed who girls poolside on a hot afternoon in Angeles City. I fired up my camera and zoomed in to take a look. I immediately recognized one of the girls as they were about to go swimming. It was a girl named Mayka that was featured 9 months ago on the video I made of her -off the beaten path- Filipina pussy.

I waved her over to my table after spying on Mayka and her cute friend for a bit. I was excited to see Mayka but her friend was astoundingly cute! Turns out it’s her 18 year old cousin, Jeremay. After a bite to eat and some chit-chat they decided to cool off in the pool. Luckily I took my water-proof digital camera out with me today so I joined them for an underwater Filipina pussy exploration of our dip in the pool. Except, I think it made us all hotter, in a different way!

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All this underwater perving of their see-through bikini pussies eventually had to transition to dry land for the next event. After whisking them both to my room we began a scenario that every hot blooded man has for his bucket list. Watching these two celestial young Filipina tarts sucking, licking and sharing my cock was enough to almost make me cum right then and there but I held on as long as I could and before I knew it, it was time to stop the blowjob and decide on which to start fucking!

Imagine this: A fresh and soaked 18 year old Filipina pussy spread before you, dripping in excitement and curiosity to get fucked but a previous fuck is there with you, your cock in her hand and mouth running up and down it’s shaft. I wanted to be inside her cousin’s Filipina pussy so badly but I also was thoroughly enjoying being licked, sucked and teased with this view. I felt cock-blocked but not at the same time. It was awful!

I felt like a Greek god as I was putting the ugliest part of my body in these girls’ mouths and Filipina pussy crevices in ways that brought immense pleasure to Jeremay, Mayka and myself! It was a tight squeeze getting into the adorable Jeremay’s pussy tunnel. So much so that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it in far enough to fuck her without having to stop and switch gears onto Mayka instead. I eventually carved out a wet tunnel and by the time I was able to get it in all the way with any bit of slipperiness and any resemblance of it being actual intercourse, I got to enjoy very pleasurable cock on Filipina pussy quivers that emanated from both Jeremay and myself.

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After thoroughly enjoying Jeremay’s tight Filipina pussy is as many positions as I could physically put her through, I tended to Mayka’s more familiar pussy. She is still relatively snug fitting for an active fun-loving Fields Avenue girl. She definitely enjoyed the cunt flogging I gave her with my white seamen-monkey. She seemed to like it more than her cousin did. Which all boils down to experience. I had to change that and get back into Jeremay’s inexperience Filipina pussy some more.

After some vice-gripping action with Mayka’s tender cousin I was thinking of injecting and possibly impregnating this you Filipina pussy debutante with my pressured cum load, I decided to offer my nectar upon their faces instead. It just goes to show, the only better way to pass a hot day in the Philippine sun then cooling off with some sexual coitus with a hot and willing Filipina girl is by doing it with two of them at the same time in a sexy threesome!

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