Filipina girl Ann gets anal sex in Angeles City

The title is pretty self-explanatory. On this evening I wanted some easy pussy so I headed out to a well-known pickup area where there’s lots of girls around. On my way there I stopped in a store to get a drink and noticed this slightly chubby girl in one of the aisles. I had to try my chances with her so I approached her. She was a bit shy and had poor English. However, was very friendly and smiling a lot. She told me her name is Ann and is an 18 year old piece of Filipina pussy. She had a simple and curious way about her. Not the typical big city hustler type, at all! That’s when I had to pop the 2,000php question to her. Would she join me at my hotel?

Lucky for you and me, she happily agreed to such and we were in my high-rise hotel room quite soon afterwards. I knew I was in for a good time when I saw her top coming off and revealing an awesome pair of Filipina big tits to play with! She gave me the sweetest of blowjobs and she actually put a lot of thought and effort into her endeavor to make my cock rock-hard and glistening with mouth juice! I was very happy that her nice knockers made me whip out my bird so quick because it was in her face and taunting her to make me feel good! Sometimes, it’s worth just going for broke and letting it all hang out right away. Otherwise, it might have been a missed Filipina pussy and I really wanted this one, immediately.

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To repay the kindness, I lavishly lapped up and snacked out on her glistening Filipina pussy too. Very terrific! What a beautiful pink slit! I stuffed my bird deeply inside her and had those large Filipina big tits bouncing all over and knocking her chin around. What a sight! She rode my cock in cowgirl position with such rigor that she reminded me of a skinny teenager after prom. Eager, discovering what it feels like and loving every inch of it! I then decided to take things a little further… sometimes, Filipina pussy is just not enough for me.

This surely has to be the first Anal Ann here has done, let alone her first tapping of it. I started off gentle and easy. It’s literally like de-virgin-izing Filipina pussy but with more pain, the risk of getting some backfire and no natural lube to speak of. All this in mind, I knew this was pure and about to be a whole pile of fun for both her and I! I got going pretty steady with some squeezing, squirming and giving her more pleasure than pain.

Before I unleashed my white ropes, I wanted to be in that sweet young Filipina pussy once again. I went ass to pussy until I was ready to launch my swimmers. I had two choices, cum in her asshole or cum in her Filipina pussy. Sometimes, a man just cannot decide so I did the next best thing: Went over to her face and let her have it! My man snot practically filled her entire eye socket and she couldnt help but giggle and laugh through the whole ordeal of running blid tot eh shower to rinse off, haha.

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