Anabel: Young, dumb and full of cum!

Anabel proves to be young, dumb and full of lots of cum

I was babe watching today and having a great time enjoying the scenery while at an outdoor cafe near a mall when I spotted what looked like a spinner prancing by a water fountain. Good looking, well dressed and a glow to her. Once I spotted the slim waist and her sexy legs, I had to put a game plan into play.

With a model-like doll face I wanted to get in for a closer look so I walked up and said my hellos. She smiled and was a bit apprehensive. I asked her to come for a drink with me at my table and this beautiful 19 year old agreed to join me. She calls herself Anabel and is definitely even more beautiful up close. She was quite ditzy. Not all that bright. She may be intelligent but her aloof nature was the turn-on for me and I only really paid attention to what I thought was cute.

She had nowhere else to be so I took her to Jollibee for some food and got to know each other some more. She still was being a bit air-headed and that was alright with me. I asked her to join me at my hotel since we joked about boomboom earlier. She seemed like she would be an easier lay now than she did before, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s the food in her belly making her and that potentially soon-to-be cream-filled Filipina pussy comfortable with me.


When I started taking pictures of her at my hotel you could see all her beauty from the natural light coming in through the windows. She was stunning! I had to see more! I have been wondering what she would look like naked all afternoon, it’s been burning at my curiosity! I began by touching and caressing her to see how far I could take it. I eventually revealed her nice cute little tits and lifted up her dress and noticed some sexy little panties with leopard print inviting me to dive deeper to expose her appealing well-shaped Filipina pussy.

Anabel lets me get a close up shot of her spreading open her young dumb Filipina pussy flaps for you to see

I became short of breath once she was completely naked. Wow! What a sight! I almost fainted at the sigh of her perfect and petite body! Her Filipina pussy area was of extreme interest for me, SO beautifully shaped. As you’ll soon see, there’s good reason the sight of it made me so excited. I took a taste of my pussy-loving tongue and buried right into that thing! Damn.. DELICIOUS!!!


Close up picture of Young Dumb Filipina Pussy getting licked and eaten out

Oh, My, F’ing, Fuck!! She has a perfect little Filipina pussy! Eating out Anabel was like dining on puki and a fancy 5 star restaurant after only having Jollibee burgers for days on end. Absolutely delicious and enough to make a person drool from the taste alone. I devoured her like a man getting his last meal. She returned the favor to me and although I’m not so sure my white dork would have been as delicious for her as her pristine Filipina pussy was for me.

Spread wide skinny girl gets Filipina pussy penetrated by white cock


She gave me a fairly good blowjob for someone of her physical beauty. Stunners like her give the worse head in my own experiences so I was quite pleased with this. The sex itself was not the best. It’s not something to write home about. She was silent, motionless and seemed bored. She let me do all the work. Better looking girls tend to be like this as well. It’s a shame sometimes. They feel like they just have to show up for sex and that’s good enough when they look this good. I guess that’s the same with girls of any race, really.

Skinny young Filipina pussy spread wide with creampie leaking out

I still enjoyed stabbing my white sword into her tight Filipina pussy from as many angles as I could muster but in the end, as with most of the girls I fuck around here, I left her young, dumb and full of my cum! Enjoy!

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